Pregnancy Diaries | Weeks 1-19

Ever since April 23rd, 2017 the only thing that I can think about is this little human creature growing inside of my belly. That Sunday is one that I will never forget.. and I mean NEVER! Aunt Flow was a day late on her expected arrival which was odd because she was pretty consistent with her visits. You see, my husband and I weren’t intentionally trying to get pregnant (even though I had gotten off of my birth control just 3 months prior). I had been on birth control since the age of 19 and I assumed it would take my body awhile to adjust to the lack of hormones. Birth control was a steady way that I kept my PCOS symptoms at bay and a huge part of that was regulating my periods.

When I was 19 years old, I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and told that it would be highly unlikely for me to get pregnant on my own without the help of fertility medications. For a young gal who had her whole life in front of her, I was devastated. So, I did what I do best. I built up a defense to these feelings of wanting to be a mother. I convinced myself that it was something that I was okay not experiencing. Whenever Tyler and I started to get serious in our relationship, we had a discussing about the possibility of never having biological children. My sweet husband took that conversation with as much grace and love as he possibly could and I am forever grateful for that.

So, you may be able to sense my surprise whenever I took an at home pregnancy test at 10:00 pm that Sunday night and saw a tiny, faint, positive line. I was in complete and utter shock! How in the world did I get pregnant?? I wasn’t even taking fertility medications and I was very adamant that I never wanted to go down the route of fertility treatment. For the next few days I tested (a total of 10 times to be exact). All came back positive. Yepp, this little bean was confirmed!

Something I’d like to do throughout the rest of my pregnancy is document my journey through a sort of “diary” style posts. I want to cherish every little moment that happens within my body, so why not share that miracle with some of my greatest pals (aka you)? I know I have a lot to catch up on since I am currently 19 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Crazy, right?! One more week and I’ll be halfway through this pregnancy.

So far, my journey has been quite “average”. Or at least as average as my pregnancy books and apps make it seem! I had the typical morning sickness during my first trimester as well as absolutely unbearable fatigue. I spent the entire first few weeks questioning whether or not this was really happening. I almost didn’t believe it! I knew that my at home tests had confirmed this baby as well as a blood test at my primary doctor, but I didn’t feel very pregnant. I mean, how could I when my baby bear was only the size of a lentil and grew to the point of being a lime? Tiny, right??

At 8 weeks, my husband and I had a dating ultrasound done. Because of my PCOS, I ovulate randomly each month so we weren’t exactly sure how far along I was. Because this was such an early ultrasound, I had to drink 32 ounces of water and then hold my urine for about 90 minutes. Oh my soul, I about lost it! Quite literally.. I’m pretty sure I felt little dribbles trickle down my leg (tmi? oh well). After the technician attempted to do an abdominal ultrasound, he changed to a transvaginal. YES! This meant I could release my bladder. But y’all… it took me three tries to fully empty it. That’s how full it was! After being uncomfortable for the past two hours, I laid back down on the examination table as the little probe searched my uterus for a fetus. And then, it happened. The technician turned the screen to my husband and I and for the first time I had a glimpse at our precious baby. I’m tearing up right now thinking about that moment! It was really in there!! All the way home I stared at those ultrasound pictures. I sent texts to my mom, mother in law, grandma, best friends, etc. Anyone I could who already knew!

At 10 weeks, we announced our pregnancy to the world. In the most nerdy way possible, I might add. If you have read my greeting post, then you will know that my husband and I bonded over our love for The Sims. As I was showering one evening, the idea hit me! I wanted to announce our pregnancy as an “expansion pack” so to speak. Because that’s what it was! This baby was an expansion to our family. One of the first of many, I hope. Once we finally shared this news publicly is when my pregnancy began to feel real. I hadn’t allowed myself to get too excited just yet but sharing it gave me a reason to celebrate as others congratulated us over and over!


I transitioned out of my first trimester quite well. My morning sickness and nausea had disappeared by week 11. My fatigue began to lift around week 13 and I slowly started to gain my energy back. At 13 weeks we also had our genetic scanning ultrasound where we were able to see our sweet baby yet again. Oh my how this little one had grown! It now had distinguishable arms, legs, fingers, and toes! My husband and I were in complete awe. The following week we headed to our home state of Oklahoma and were able to give the soon to be grandparents their very own ultrasound picture of their future grandchild. Boy, were they excited!

Weeks 14 to now have been quite easy! I’ve had a bit of round ligament and sciatic nerve pain while transitioning into my second trimester but I combatted that with yoga and hot compresses. Don’t worry, a first trimester must-haves post is coming soon! I began to get severe headaches but found out that was from a lack of caffeine. The moment my midwife recommended that I add caffeine back into my diet was basically one of the greatest moments of my pregnancy so far! As symptoms have come, I have found ways to care for them efficiently. Not to mention, I am finally getting a little baby bump! Currently, baby is the size of a zucchini or a hedgehog. I like comparing baby bear to animals instead of foods. I feel that foods fluctuate way to much for my liking! As our little one has gotten bigger and stronger, I have been able to feel him or her wiggling about in my womb. What a strange, yet wonderful feeling!

You may have noticed that I have been using gender neutral terms to describe our baby so far. My husband and I have decided to find out the gender and we are just days away from our anatomy appointment! Two days to be exact. I am so looking forward to this appointment and I pray that baby cooperates for us. So many exciting things are coming very soon and I cannot wait to document this journey further!

My future pregnancy diary posts will definitely not be as long as this, but I just had to cover a lot of ground! 19 weeks worth to be exact. So, friends, this is until next time! I look forward to continually updating you on my pregnancy journey as well as (hopefully) revealing the gender of our little bean!

Sabra Darling