My Top 4 Remedies On How To Treat A Cold During Pregnancy

Want to know what really sucks during pregnancy? I mean, if we’re being honest, there’s a lot that sucks. There’s unwanted nausea and morning sickness, crazy round ligament pain, sciatica, fatigue, back pains, and basically any other ailment that your body can experience. So, if you’re pregnant or have been pregnant, I’m pretty much just preaching to the choir, right? What else could possibly suck during pregnancy? Well, friends, that has to be illness. And that can be any illness that isn’t pregnancy related! When you’re growing a baby, there are a lot of medications that are off limits, which makes treating common colds and allergies pretty difficult. My go to medicine for headaches and colds are either ibuprofen or Advil cold and sinus. Cough syrup with alcohol as an ingredient? I’m in! But pregnancy Sabra? Not so much.


Luckily, my midwife’s office gave me a certified list of meds that I can safely take during pregnancy (after 12 weeks) so I feel that I have a sort of “cheat sheet”. So far Tylenol has been a big one for headaches, even though I have learned that the regular T won’t work for me. I’m difficult and have to use the extra strength version (insert hair flip here).

You might be wondering why I’m writing a whole post about being sick while pregnant. Well, that’s because I am currently wading through the waters of a nasty, elementary school given cold and I have had about a week’s worth of time to figure out what remedies work and what hasn’t. I hope that you never have to deal with illness during pregnancy, but if you do, give these remedies a try!
Disclaimer: obviously I’m not a doctor. If you are ill, then please seek medical advice first. I am just openly sharing what has worked for me and I will be listing only medications that were approved by my midwife to take during pregnancy. What my midwife might approve may not be what your OB/midwife approves.


1.Sudafed PE® Pressure + Pain + Cold

Oh my soul, friends. I have tried benadryl, claritin, and the old school tylenol and none of these have helped treat the sinus pressure/allergy related symptoms of a common cold. Finally, after work today I decided to pick up some more meds on my approved list and THIS! After an hour of taking this medicine, I felt relief from the horrible sinus pressure and runny nose. Hallelujah! I was almost at my breaking point with the amount of miserable I was feeling so I am so happy to have found an over the counter medication that worked!


2. Hot Tea

Any of my close friends or family know that I am a newfound tea fanatic. I love all forms of tea from loose leaf to tea bags. My husband and I steep a pot quite frequently in our home so I obviously had to try some herbal remedies for this cold. One of my favorite teas to drink while being sick has been the Pink Stork morning sickness tea with a little bit of lemon and honey. I drank this tea a lot during my first trimester as a temple orary relief from the nausea and since this tea is a ginger base, I thought I’d give it a go for my cold. Ginger is known to be helpful in relieving sore throats and also helps to kill the virus that causes a cold in the first place!
Another favorite tea of mine is a peppermint-chamomile loose leaf blend with a little bit of honey. I have found that this tea soothed my sore and itchy throat as well as have helped open up my sinuses. I have found, however, that a few articles recommend to limit herbal tea intakes during pregnancy. If you’re concerned, ask your doctor!


3. Steam/Humidifier

Something that has helped open up my congested facial features is the use of hot steam from the shower. In the morning I have been turning the shower on as hot as it would go and I would allow the steam to fill the bathroom. I would then go and sit and let the steam do its thing! Again, this seemed to offer temporary relief but helped get me through my morning routine. Another remedy to try is using a humidifier! It creates the same sort of affect as steam without the difficulty of running hot water for 15 minutes.


4. Rest

Friends, this has been a hard one for me. Because of my cold, I took one day off of work and I’m realizing now that I should have taken more. As a matter of fact, I am taking tomorrow off as well to allow my body to heal. I have the kind of personality that I feel the need to always keep going no matter what the circumstances. I feel that I owe it to the people around me to be “present” even if that means I’m miserable in the process. Now that I’m growing a little one, I have had to realize that I have other necessary reasons to rest. I need to allow my body to heal properly so that it can grow this beautiful creature inside of me to the best of its ability.

And there you have it friends! My top 4 remedies on how to treat a cold during pregnancy. If you try any of these remedies, please let me know! Or if you have any other suggestions, share your knowledge with us mamas in the comments below! I hope that I’ll have the opportunity to share more of my pregnancy related findings/hacks in the coming months (hopefully not sickness related).



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