What Working In MLM Has Taught Me: The Pros & Cons

Who here has been pitched a “business” opportunity by one of your high school pals that is absolutely obsessed with a new direct sales company?

*Raises hand* Mhmm, I sure have! But my experience with multilevel marketing was pitched to me in a different way. I was at a wedding show and saw a product that had been intriguing me for awhile. A woman displayed a banner by her booth that proudly exclaimed, “18 hour wear lipstick!”. Y’all. Lipstick is my jam! I love playing with bold and bright colors. Picking out my lippie is one of the most exciting parts of my day. Yeah, I know.. I obviously have a pretty entertaining life.
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Greetings & Things!

Whew, okay. I did it! I bit the bullet and finally created the blog that I’ve always been dreaming of having. I’ve watched tons of YouTube videos to coach me through the necessary steps it takes to have a successful blog. I’ve stalked every single one of my favorite bloggers to “borrow” ideas and brainstorm what I wanted my own blog to be centered around. I’ve stayed up until midnight resizing my logo again and again and again. The flowers were just.. off, alright?! And now, here were are. It’s live! My own personal blog is live!!!! I’m a tad excited.. can you tell?
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